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D Null expectations


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I hope it’s the last time I write something about this subject. I tend to be unnecessarily nostalgic and make these kind of distressful feelings prevail in the blog, when they are not that common as it may seem. As it’s not common the situation I’m currently into. I mean, at least for me, it only happened twice in this trip.
Let’s say that the sexual satisfaction while traveling is, at least, enough. But it’s radically different when talking about romance and fulfillment. It’s terrible. And it’s curious: some relationships raise as something easy, and the approach to them always has a known ending date. They are not just lust, but, from the beginning, you know that the link is not going to be deeper than the pure moments you share.
But in some rare occasions (twice in my case, as I wrote), a deeper feeling, that can be overwhelming, appears. I guess that that ‘feeling’ is pretty close to infatuation, but I reckon it has different connotations. It includes an impression of how it may be if it works. And that impression spoils everything. Why? The explanation is long to translate (please refer to the spanish version :D), I’m lazy and now… everything’s just part of the past -though I still agree with most of the points exposed. Anyway… I’ll work on that ‘later’.

D Happy new (chinese) year


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Well, if it’s applicable to anyone reading this blog (I reckon it is), happy new year!
Greetings from Salta!

P.D. The fucking computer worm ‘Win32.Runouce.b’ (got it in my usb drive thanks to the shitty cyber I was in yesterday) has ‘destroyed’ a lot of the software on my memory stick (which mainly means that it’s going to take me a while to upload any picture).

D 6/7 vegetarianism


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My past attempts to do a 29/30 vegetarianism (meaning that I ate meat once per month) worked for a while, but they were condemned to failure… noy I’ll try a 6/7, easier task. I don’t know why; maybe it’s a morals-related thing… but on top, I guess is about trying to eat healthier.

D Homeopathy and restless infatuation in Villa La Angostura


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Immediately after arriving to Bariloche, we decided to flee away. First plan was to rent a car and drive up to Santiago. But the charges for the dropoff were immense, and finally we decided to rent a car just for 2 days and return to Bariloche. Got some bus tickets to Santiago. Villa La Angostura was a good choice. If it doesn’t work out, you can always rely on me, the insomniac.

D Coercitive, Rocky, coercitive


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I said, among all that foolish deliria, something right: Coercitive exists, as well as coercive.

D Bye, Ushuaia


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Night out with Anke, Rebecca and Thomas. Wasted!

D Andrea is the name for infatuation


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That were my thoughts while returning to the hostel from Margaritas pub. Whoever that knows me enough, knows of my past experiences with that name. Well, we can add one more. But my thoughts about these new memories were disturbed by a pack of dogs. It seems that dogs here recognize two extreme human behaviours: being hit, and being well-treated and fed. So after they identified my friendly attitude, they just followed me everywhere.

D El ocaso onírico

2007.08.21 (17:08)

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El ocaso onírico
El ocaso onírico

Si, según alguna vez he escuchado, cuando mueres en un sueño, mueres en la realidad, debo, sin duda, estar muerto.
Por ahogamiento, después de lanzarse al agua en un puerto (de Mangalore, por ejemplo) bajo los efectos del alcohol y en una semiinconsciencia cercana al sueño. Sueño vívido; vivido en primera persona, los personajes que antecedían a la negrura eran proyecciones distorsionadas de los asistentes a la despedida de soltero. Y es que esta debe haber tenido consecuencias nefastas en mi cordura.
No hace falta tener un doctorado en psicología con una tesis sobre Freud para empezar a sacar conclusiones…

D Estampa sempiterna

2007.07.24 (07:13)

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Vaya, hay huellas para la perpetuidad…*/
Ahí se demuestran las verdaderas fechas de algunos eventos.
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