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Life isn’t very dynamic, but at least I am being productive. There’s a few projects I currently spend my time on: ratetheperson.com (to be ‘officially released’ quite soon) and a few android games. I have still yet to try to sell the prints I made around a year ago. The possibility of trying to sell things in the Venice boardwalk is quite enticing… though distance becomes a problem in that case. Anyway, it is reminiscent of that dream in Ibiza…

The romantic situation ended up being more complex than it seemed. A lot of things were to blame on a third person, namely G-man. It would take some time to assess the real damage… and to forgive. Actually, sometime I will pour all those events into fiction -while trying to avoid becoming a Danielle Steel. I guess that I craved too blindly for something special… and I ended up adding her last name on my contact list…

Anyway, I can’t promise that I won’t become entangled again in the complexity of the emotions and expectations that infatuation brings. I guess that in this case I will link those events to “Emerald Forest and the Blackbird” -as those days I had been listening to it almost once a day.

The van’s health is degenerating. Yesterday, it started peeing fuel. That lady shouting “don’t start it” wasn’t deterring enough. Heat was a cause… after releasing the pressured air by loosing the fuel cap, it stopped leaking. At any rate, it is a bad sign…

I am afraid of the film “Synecdoche, New York” sharing some common things lately with my life. Accurate and too neurotic. I recently fell sleep while trying to watch it once again. It was fun making Zoran watch that film -well, trying to.

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