Annoyances of the everyday life I: FOSS software

Annoyances of the everyday life I: FOSS software



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I have no intention other than rant about software in this post. I feel obligated to warn the possible reader, as it is a very uninteresting topic.

First of all, I can’t stand synergy. Every version -whether beta or stable- has innumerable bugs. “Well, it is open source, so go and find them”. True. Maybe it is unfair to criticize FOSS. But, nevertheless, it is a source of many frustrations. And going through the code trying to solve the bugs doesn’t seem very practical timewise.

Anyway, synergy is not the only piece of software that produced an anguish that I can only compare to some printers and Microsoft Word. The second contender is Eclipse. I wish everything was about C, Assembler and C++ and things like Java had never existed -I know, it wouldn’t be very practical. Back to Eclipse, the lack of performance (in both speed and memory terms) and the proclivity to crashes (in the many different configurations I am working with [OS, JVM, etc]) is appalling. I know that many people are quite happy with Eclipse. I am still trying to.

In the third place, Inkscape. Its inconsistencies made me lose a lot of time. Crashing, not allowing to save, et cetera. Inkscape and Gimp. I have better experiences with the latter (and we will wait more years for the 2.8 to come)… but as much as I like them and would like to feel grateful of having them for free, I think that they aren’t ready for the prime time… and they carry with them heaps of frustration.

I could keep on criticising. The next one would have been the whole Ubuntu 11.10 distribution… but I never upgraded (in my main linux computer). Better to stay with Gnome 2.


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