“LA crazy”

“LA crazy”



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“Get out” -kept shouting the stupid bouncer of The Fox and the Hounds. His voice was irritatingly loud as if he thought that he was part of the military and the clients of the pub had the obligation of tolerating his offensive behaviour. He was, indeed, an uneducated douchebag.

The human interactions continued in the street, but not for long. It was time to get back and beat that Super Mario level that we were stuck on. Shawn was as drunk as everybody- but nobody had known him for more than five minutes… and he was going to become victim of the (slightly paranoid) suspicion that was going to rise afterwards.

After some absurd choreography involving “mushroom” poses and one-leg hops we bid farewell to Patricia, Lisbeth and Ana. The void they had left wasn’t to be filled by anybody else. A void parking spot.

So there we were, when I tried to prove (and I was somehow successful on that) that nobody chooses the shortest path to the apartment on the first try. And Kateryna tried, while Aldijana, Amadeo, Gagan, Shawn and I followed.

But she did a right turn that wasn’t right. That right turn opened a door- a door from where an intoxicaded female would appear. She, nude, with a porn star body, offering it explicitly. Hot. Very. Body. Not the face though.

She actually went for Shawn first. At some point Aldijana had started recording with her camera, as she did many times that night… so there’s a bunch of material there. Actually, that seemed the main reason for Layla -the presumably intoxicaded porn actress- entering my apartment after the refusal of Shawn. At that stage I felt that they were invading my personal space. I wasn’t scared (because everything seemed under control) but shocked… and dazzled by the sexual availability and explosivity that she showed. Rationally, there were many reasons not accept the offer: lack of familiarity, STD’s, et cetera. But the animal instincts contradicted that thoughts. Anyway, as I expressed afterwards, I would prefer to record an orgy with people that I know and appreciate than sex with an absolutely unknown -albeit hot- stranger. And I’m not even sure that I would be comfortable in the former either…

So we had that girl, trying to put some logic in what she was saying -trying to see if Aldijana “the Hot Mama” had recorded something. As an investigation technique she offered herself for recording additional footage. And Shawn was about to accept that offer bringing the cell phone out. But she declined, as she was just trying to get to know if there was a camera. That’s understandable as actresses have to be concerned about their image, and I didn’t she her signing a release. But it was her fault to be intoxicated and run nude, asking for sex, through the corridors. Anyway, no harm done.

After a few minutes of incoherent communication and lies about nationalities (minutes in which Gagan destroyed my anonymity pointing at me as the tenant of the apartment) she left. Gagan instilled more concerns about the situation by saying “I think you’ll be robbed soon”. At that point, I wasn’t very comfortable. Shawn entered the bathroom… Nikola’s bathroom. I was pissed because I didn’t want anybody to use that bathroom -as Nikola deserves the same respect that he shows.

Amadeo then said that he had seen Layla in the pub. Then, a lot of theories were thought of… the suspicions reached a paranoid level with the theory of that Shawn and Layla knew each other and everything had been staged with evil purposes. That theory was immediately deemed remote, but was an expression of the present uncomfortability. Actually, I know that travelling for so long had changed how reluctant of trusting anybody without a reason I was… though I don’t know the direction of the change.

It was then time to ask Shawn to get out. It wasn’t very cool to kick him out with the beer that I just opened for him… but well, I guess that it was late enough to justify such a thing. And he didn’t seem to fit very well in the plans for the rest of the night -he accidentally threw food in the floor when the plan was to accidentally spill beer and coke. Better safe and (slightly) sorry.

So we beated that level, and played our personal pictionary. The labyrinth of corridors of ArchView awaits, with many new adventures.

PS: Then I researched about that porn actress. Apparently she has a bunch of porn flicks… she’s… well… :/ !!!


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