Prove yourself worthy by bragging about something easy

Prove yourself worthy by bragging about something easy



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– Do you play guitar?
– More or less…
– Which fret for the E?
– Ein? Open 1st and 6th.
(assuming a standard tuning, so it would be only in one of the guitars that I have)
– No, but as barre chords…
– Is on the fifth. F on the first, G on the third and A is on the fifth.
He seemed pretty content with his answer. More than to see if I really played guitar, I felt like he was trying to prove that I didn’t know something that he knew, reaffirming his knowledge. But I was considering that the question was incomplete, considering the different tunings and number of strings… in a 8 string with standard tuning, I would play the lowest A major chord starting on the third fret of the 8th string.
– I don’t know why you ask such a trivial question.
And it is… if he had been asking for the intervals on a mixolydian flat 6… well, at least it would have been more fun -though the reason for asking (‘testing’) would have remained as pointless.

It kind of reminded me of another guy asking “how much is 13 times 13”, trying to prove his skills answering his own simplistic questions… while I was startled at the possible reasons that made them ask those in the first place -and afterwards impressed by the satisfaction that answering their own trivial questions generated.

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