“Welcome to ‘America’, Hashim Yiu.”

“Welcome to ‘America’, Hashim Yiu.”



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A guy with a wheelchair -let’s call him Rod Neck- gets out of the 7/11 at Studio City. When he’s trying to put his wheelchair in his pickup, another guy approaches him. Darker skin, smaller, wearing a kippah. Let’s call him Hashim Yiu. As he approaches Rod, his intentions aren’t shown clearly- but it doesn’t look like he wants to steal anything from Rod.

– Get off me! -says Rod.
– I was trying to help you, trying to help you -Hashim replies, with a strong Middle West accent.
– I don’t understand what the fuck you’re talking about. -Rod says.

At this point, we can say that the confrontation was clear. Both start insulting. The reader may decide know which dialog lines were said by the redneck or the jew. It is easy.

– Speak fucking english.
– Go back to your country. (I consider this one particularly easy, as most dumb rednecks have said it at least one hundred times in their lifes)
– I was trying to help you, %#*@! rat.
– Fucking muslim.
– I am Jewish. am going to fuck you.
– Now I’m going home.

So here are two possible explanations. I think the first one was the real one:

– Hashim Yiu wanted to help Rod Neck, but Rod is so afraid of anyone resembling Islam, that reacted as it was expected: fear drove the confrontation. Hashim felt offended when, what in his mind was a good deed, was rejected so explosively. Instead of ignoring Rod, he wanted to settle that he was just trying to help- And repeating that he was jewish, was a way to become normal (2% of the population).

– Hashim actually had bad intentions. (0.1% estimated chance)

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