Preparing to move

Preparing to move



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There are several news. After a long search we found an apartment in Studio City- where I plan to live for 12 months -or until I buy a mansion. My friend and co-tenant Nikola was considering Woodland Hills, but eventually made ​​a decision that considering all the nuances of time and space, is relatively optimal.
But that’s not the only move. Also the blog will be moving soon away from Dinahosting… There are several reasons to leave Dinahosting. Among them: the price, the poor security and limited flexibility (developing linux executables was hell, having to link staticly everything).
Although I will try to make a seamless transition, it may not be perfect- so do not be surprised if something goes wrong these days.
(to be expanded)
(and I will keep updating the blog retrospectively- [repetitive promise to self])


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* Comment from Henrietta * (2012-01-04::14:23)

Was ttollay stuck until I read this, now back up and running.

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