Nightmare before the Caribbean (Santa Marta)

Nightmare before the Caribbean (Santa Marta)

2009.05.01 (10:00)

Colombia, RtWp02 | Geo: 11.2484, -74.2048

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That’s not a mix of films with Johnny Depp: simply, the trip from Bucaramanga was hell on earth. The 9 hours became 13 as some truck drivers were blocking the highway (political issues, as always). Also, I was next to an odorous bath with no space for my anything, ¡and screaming children!. One of the worse bus trips than I could remember (at least the puke family wasn’t there).
When I arrived at Santa Marta, I was so tired and used to the situation that -ironically- I wouldn’t had had any problems staying in that bus for two more hours.

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