B/manga (Bucaramanga)

B/manga (Bucaramanga)

2009.04.30 (18:00)

Colombia, RtWp02 | Geo: 7.1051, -73.1170

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After Barichara-Saint Gil-Bucaramanga -where I skipped some possible visits (like that cross that crowned San Gil)- I was at the Bucaramanga’s sophisticated bus terminal. I lacked motivation to stay in B/manga.
I had two options: one, to go to Venezuela (then I had to sleep in B/manga and go to Pamplona on the next day). Two, to go to Santa Marta (then I could take the night bus and be there on the next day’s morning).
I flipped the coin, and Venezuela won. But well, I never really trusted the coin. So I betrayed it: to Santa Marta!

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