See you later, Ecuador!

See you later, Ecuador!

2009.04.01 (10:00)

Ecuador, RtWp02 | Geo: 0.8143, -77.6711

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I exceeded the month in Ecuador, and without visiting the coast. Too much time in Quito, I guess! But it was comfortable.
Maybe in some years Ecuador becomes similar to its neighbor of the south, but at the moment I was there, it was much more comfortable for the tourist.
Quito is a delinquency nest. The Galápagos are reserved for the wealthy tourist -when the selection of the visitors should ideally be driven by an exam on the visitor’s knowledge and interest on flora and fauna, et cetera-, and many sleepy towns don’t have any attraction for a visitor (just the local people, I guess).
However, Ecuador is very pleasant. Perhaps someday I will return. And then I will get to the coast…

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