The crimes of ‘Juan Єυtriaη'

The crimes of ‘Juan Єυtriaη'


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Yesterday, saturday, there was a BBQ (asado) at ‘Club Hostel’, where I’m staying. After my last asado in this hostel, and induced by my vegetarian intentions, I refused to take part in it. Anyway, I just bought some food and join the asado, where I talked mainly with Leo [cl] and Rafa [cl]. It was a strange days, one of a few, in which I just got to sleep soon. The reasons: tiredness, not very promising conversations, and there were no girls (it’s shallow, I know, but still counts as a factor).
Eduardo is a positively mild, retired mexican. When he was sleeping, he snored in a weird way. I woke up, late, at noon. Bautista and Julie is a french couple that has been travelling with their tandem bike for more than a year, in a notoriously long honeymoon. They were complaining about missing a bag with a camera. The girl that was in charge of the hostel at that time was worried. She said, immediately, that a similar thing happened in the contiguous room.
Through the subsequent minutes, additional information was being revealed. Kevin, an irish guy, naive and prone to smile, also had ‘lost’ his digital camera. Then I check everything, and my two valuables were still there: the reflex camera in the well-locked locker, and the other, relatively cheap camera, disguised in a Marlboro Lights box, in the lower bed, the middle bed of a 3-bed bunk. Jorge [cl], another camera and a mp4 player. He went to sleep soon, also. Some other items ‘disappeared’.
After a little bit more than an hour, we went to make an statement at the police station, me and Carlo [ar] acting as translators. We knew that the first suspect had become obviously guilty, considering the events that happened. A person that booked in as Juan Єυtriaη (clearly a fake name). He is fat, has moustache, with a porteño (from Buenos Aires) accent. I was talking to him and playing chess (he was such a lousy player…) on Friday, when he started talking shit, like he being a pilot -while he didn’t know how to convert feet to metres. I didn’t trust him, specially when I was acting as a translation bridge between him and Kevin. He seemed dodgy. But what was about to unfold wasn’t that predictable. He went to buy cigarettes at 6am and never returned.
That morning, Eduardo looked like a zombie. I thought… that it wasn’t just a hangover, that he had consumed -voluntarily- some strong drugs the night before.
After the Kevin’s statement, the police decided to go to the hostel, to end the reports and look for evidences. It seemed strange, but there was an easy explanation: Kevin said in the statement that he saw ‘Juan’ pouring some powder in the beer. He though it was toqra (a compound that is used while chewing coca leaves) or something like that. Big mistake. A lot of the people staying in both rooms where druged: Eduardo, Leo, Rafa, Kevin. They were all worn out, with hard headaches and balance losses. A policeman said that it was a criminal technique mostly used by girls.
They took pictures and fingerprints, and more information poured through, about how this criminal won the trust of the people around and drug them. He had been very silent in our room, because the french couple went to sleep before me (so they didn’t had any drug), and still he robbed the cameras of the mexican and the frenchs.
They’re still making the statement. “Qué rata hijo de puta”, I hear… and I agree, you just have to look the face of Eduardo, that should go to the doctor. It’s not about robbing, it’s about the filthy method used, revealing that the subject is nothing more than a snake. Apparently, his real name is Henry.
Whatever, he isn’t very clever, because a picture of him could be recovered. Let’s see if they push the investigation forward, or they just forget about this whole story. I you meet him, you know what to do. Is no joke… would karma act?

Alias ‘Juan Єυtriaη’
Alias ‘Juan Єυtriaη’
Investigaciones Inversas
Investigaciones Inversas


* Comment from Aramed * (2008.02.25::17:47)

Interesante labor de investigacion, y una muy buena intuicion inconsciente al renunciar al asado y a la juerga posterior, aunque quizas fue pura suerte. Me alegro de que hayas salido ileso del incidente.

Por cierto me gusta como escribes, impregnado de la jerga local, deberias explayarte con mas frecuencia.

* Comment from El Wendigo * (2008.02.26::03:39)

Una historia digna de ser contada…ten por seguro que llegará a todo el que quiera escucharla.

A mi también me gusta como escribes.

* Comment from Ramlh * (2008.02.26::11:37)

Desde luego hay gente en este mundo que debería estar cabando fosos para enterrarse así mismos.
Suscribo la frase y me uno a ella “Que rata hipo de puta” y añado “pelotudo, pendejo, maletón y chingón”

* Comment from blog * (2008.02.26::15:57)

Todo tiene su lado positivo… al menos es una historia curiosa. La verdad es que tras más de 50 horas (ayer, cuando me fui de Jujuy) el mejicano seguía tirado en la cama. Estoy convencido que le llega a meter una dosis más fuerte (de lo que -dicen- era un anestésico de uso veterinario) y se lo carga.
Ya en la narrativa extensa (la versión de ficción, ligeramente distorsionada, que escribí para SSdM) se añaden más detalles (no todos reales, claro).
En fin, a ver si le agarran. Porque no me extrañaría que este personajillo, por su proceder, cometa otros delitos bastante más chungos (ej. drogar mozas para no sólo robar).

* Comment from Dos * (2008.02.28::19:53)

Cómo está el mundo? Ahora entiendes por qué me lleva la cerveza hasta para mear al baño? No es para rellenarla, no,
es que no me fio de nadie. Bueno ten mucho cuidado que buena gente hay mucha, pero de los no tan buenos también.

* Comment from blog * (2008.02.29::01:11)

¡Ya te digo!

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