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And other year is gone -this one as strange as many others.
The last two months haven’t been quite productive. I guess I can consider them as the period needed for settling down.
They were fun months though. And one of the reasons were the ‘surfers’ that stayed here… Neven [hk], Samantha [tw], Luisa & Arianna [it|ca]…
Not many resolutions for the next year: to get closer to a healthy lifestyle, and to start doing what I came to do.


* Comment from Pascual * (2012.01.04::02:29)

¡Feliz año nuevo!

* Comment from blog * (2012.01.04::04:34)

Merci, à toi aussi! Tempus fugit! See you all! (maybe in six months, maybe not- ahajah)

* Comment from Elena * (2012.01.08::05:46)

Feliz Año chaval! Sigue pasándolo bien, y a ver qué pasa con esa productividad!

* Comment from Elena * (2012.01.08::05:47)

yo no he puesto ese careto…

* Comment from Elena * (2012.01.08::05:48)

otra vez????

* Comment from blog * (2012.01.09::04:22)

¡Feliz año!
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