Get lost, Perú!

Get lost, Perú!

2009.02.13 (00:30)

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That is what shouted from Ecuador, though it wasn’t the first time I said that.
I do not intend to offend the Peruvians that are kind, honest and nice (I know some of them are), nor to make a deep social study of the country. I’m only trying to vent off: lately, I’ve been growing a visceral hatred to Peru. It positioned that nacionality in the second place of my just-made-up list of “not-so-irrational hatreds”.
Days ago I wrote about that feeling and its causes in a more rational way:

Peru left a bittersweet memory in me: it has incredible places, with tremendous an historical and natural value. Incredible gastronomy, and people… well, some of them are also incredible. I arrived, without any prejudice or preconception, and I can say that I found a lot of people who were excellent, interesting. The experience had, without a doubt, a very positive part.
But, without anything terrible happening in my trip, I can say that it was also the place where I met more dishonest, lying, whining, egoistic, ignorant, or stupidly prejudiced people. It could have been bad luck, but I believe it has something to do with a spoiled education, and some negative aspects on the culture.
And I do not believe that the poverty is the unique factor to be considered as a cause. Seeing the children and their education (not only formal education, but within the family, et cetera) I guess that -unfortunately- it’s going to be very difficult for them to get out of that spiral of poverty.
I’m trying to be objective, but doubtlessly my perspective is the one from a traveller who can be distinguished easily from the peruvians because his looks. Probably, I would had had a more positive vision if they saw me as a peruvian, not as a bag of dollars that doesn’t speak spanish at all, and has nothing in common with them but that he exploits them in a variety of ways. To a certain extent, it is a racial discrimination; although with softer connotations than the racism we’re used to.
And Lima seemed horrible to me.

In these words, I’m making an attempt not to consider the annoying things or the people who can be predefined as dishonest (taxi drivers, people related directly to tourism, et cetera).
Perhaps I do exaggerate, but, it was the first country in South America where I felt the urge to flee from. Without looking back. I was sick of it.
The experience, in any case, was worth it. By all means.

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