Cerca de Chiang Mai

Cerca de Chiang Mai

2006.08.23 (15:34)

2004, Fotos+AG, Paisajes, Tailandia, Viajes

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Una foto que, en mi opinión, nada tiene de especial (pocas fotos se me dieron bien en Tailandia), pero bueno, aprovechando que la tenía adaptada al formato… 1 de Agosto de 2004.
Chiang Mai 2004.08.01
Chiang Mai 2004.08.01


* Comment from zyprexa * (2007.01.01::08:10)

Thanks! Good work. See U. Happy New Year!

* Comment from blog * (2007.01.02::02:15)

Nice to have strangers visiting this blog, although it’s a little weird because, as far as I can remember, it hasn’t been submitted to any search engine… wait, maybe I added it to photoblog.com? Anyway, thanks for your visit, and happy new year! (well of course all these comments don’t apply in the most probable case [after seeing the link], the one including a spammer bot)

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